UnFuckIt Oct 17- after show discussion


After the Live Stream ended, the UnFuckIt discussion continued.... Lot's of interesting topics!

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Phillip's remineralization protocol

Tooth Regeneration mouth wash

2 Teaspoons (10 grams) of TriSodium Phosphate
6 Teaspoons (90 grams) for Bicarbonate of Soda
1 litre of distilled water

Stir until TSP is dissolved and Bicarbonate has mostly dissolved. I had on a magnetic stirrer for 36 hours , when I turned it off the solution went perfectly clear.

You could gently heat the solution to speed up the dissolution of the chemicals into the water.

Once stirred you have your CONCENTRATE SOLUTION very high Alkaline solution WARNING.

How to use:

Get a small glass pour 2 teaspoons full of concentrate solution into glass and then dilute with 2 table spoons of distilled water.

Take one small mouth full and swirl around mouth for a minute or so and spit out..
Repeat this until you have used all the liquid in the glass.. then RINSE MOUTH OUT with fresh water. You should notice a sweet taste in the mouth ...

Do this if you have cavities daily if your teeth are normal do once per week as a preventitive.

For very bad teeth use daily. You must supplement with extra magnezium, selinium Boron etc because the teeth will draw these resourced from the body once repair is initiated. I good multy mineral supplement would be a simple way to manage this also lots of leafy greens .

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