The UnFucking Rules

1- Anyone that adds a person to the UnFuckers Unite Membership must be able to personally vouch for them- if you add a douche, you’re responsible for their disposal.
1b-Do not add people to UU without their permission, or without full disclosure of what this group is about. (and if you figure out what this group is all about, please let me know!)

2- BE Nice, BE Kind, Have FUN…. Show respect to others or I will kick your ass to the curb.

3- If you have a problem with me or anyone in this group, take care of it in an Private Message- do not drag crap out into the group
3b- If you choose to “block” a fellow UnFucker that’s your choice (although I’d like to think that we’re all adult enough to be able to get along without it), BUT- “Blocking” any of the UU Admins is officially grounds for being removed from the group. If you have a problem, refer to Rule 3.

4- I reserve the right to use my soapbox when ever I feel like it. If you’re nice and bring me coffee, I will let others use it too.

5- I’ve installed a lovely pool off the back deck- anyone caught peeing in the pool will be assigned dish duty for a week.

6- Have a good time but respect the beliefs of others. If you want to talk politics and religion or whatever, go for it, but do it calmly and respectfully or I will douse you with the fire hose.

7- I reserve the right to change these rules, and to create ridiculous rules at any moment.

8- I will curse and swear as I please and I extend that privilege to everyone.

9- What happens in UnFuckers Unite, Stays in UnFuckers Unite! These are private conversations, discussions and debates in a private group for the members of the group- NO personal posts or comments, in whole or in part, are to be removed, copied, screen shot, from this room without the expressed permission of the author of the post. Anyone who removes private posts or comments from this group will be in serious trouble and will be forced to chop onions for the rest of the month.

10- Friday is officially “I Refuse to Adult Day”. PJ’s, Popcorn, Crayons and Cartoons all day long. Cookies will be served after nap time. No eating in the Blanket Fort!!