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At this moment there are no “membership” fees to join UnFuckersUnite…. But Donations and Contributions are always needed to fund the websites and all the various plugins, programs and other paid services that we need to keep RTS Earth & and UnFuckersUnite up and running.

Please help out if you can!

While the “Paid” memberships for UnFuckersUnite have been cancelled and the membership plugin has been removed, Paypal is still taking payments. As I’ve said on shows multiple times over the past 7 months, I cannot cancel the “subscription” (I have tried multiple times), and Members¬† have to contact Paypal directly to cancel the monthly/yearly payment.

Please contact me if you need a refund, and make arrangements with Paypal to stop the subscription payment.

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Have any Questions or Suggestions? Contact me any time. Questions about the site or membership answered within a day or so. Questions about Life, the Universe and Everything.... 42 hours minimum: dani (at) rts dot earth
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we need regular donations from our community to keep RTS.Earth and UU up and running!