...Yes, we happily accept contributions!

Building, (and rebuilding, lol), expanding and running UnFuckers Unite & RTS Earth is pretty much a full time job for JC and Dani. They require copious amounts of caffeine and chocolate and cigarettes to function at optimum levels.

If you’d like to contribute to the “Keep’em Caffeinated” fund, they’d be eternally grateful.

You can make a single contribution through PayPal…..

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We have recently been asked to add a recurring donation option where the donor can chose the amount.

You can make a recurring contribution through PayPal…..

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Available options

If you would like higher amounts, all I can say is you are amazing… 
Contact us directly, please.

WE have quite a few UnFuckers who are unable to pay for memberships at this moment, but as I’ve always said “No UnFucker gets left behind!!”  If you’d like to contribute to help cover some of the free memberships, please let us know or click the button above. 

Please, if possible, leave a note on the donation so we know where it is intended to go.

We would like to thank all our past donors and extend a pre-emptive thanks to those coming. The difference that is made by these donations is massive and every one is greatly appreciated.

We also accept coffee payments in Cryptocurrencies!!






…and several others!

It's that time UnFuckers!


we need regular donations from our community to keep RTS.Earth and UU up and running!