C60 Discussion, Oct 18, 2018- Members Only Q&A

Last night Gaea’s Garden hosted a live video presentation on the topic of C60 fullerenes and updates on our latest C60 Product launches.

After the presentation, we opened the floor for an extensive Q&A session and I was joined by a good friend and C60 Researcher, Phillip, to discuss the latest information and research, to answer questions from the audience, and to talk about “dosing” and what IS and what is NOT valid scientific research.  The Question & Answer section of the presentation is available to Gaea’s Garden Private Members and UU Members only.

For more information about our Reset “fixer elixir” please visit our product page HERE.  We will post a major update as soon as our Hemp Seed Oil has cleared customs here in Malta and will open the shop listing to take preorders for both the 50ml and 100ml bottles of Hemp C60! In the meantime, please feel free to visit out Research Page to learn more about the health benefits of C60 Fullerenes.

As I mentioned in our Q&A, if any members are in Australia and want to order C60 in Hemp Seed oil, I highly recommend ordering it directly from Phillip as he is IN Australia and uses only the highest quality Hemp Seed Oil with C60 fullerenes. This is Phillip's Website:  http://www.citrusc.com.au/home.html

Below I have included Phillips Vit C "DIY" recipe.



Examples of "Scientific Research" that is being pushed into social media as fear mongering against C60





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