Changes to UnFuckers Memberships

We’ve moved to a new “Membership” structure due to constant issues with plugins and technology.

As of today there are no more “monthly” & “yearly” paid memberships.  New members registering for UU will pay a ONE TIME FEE of $5 (to keep out the trolls and spambots).  From this point on we will be working with the honor system and asking members to make donations to support UnFuckersUnite, the websites and the shows, when and wherever they can.

If you have any questions you can contact me at:  dani (at) rts (dot) earth


All of the old Memberships- monthly and yearly- have been cancelled.  IF you are still having a monthly membership fee charged to your account, please cancel your “subscription” directly with Paypal.  We have deleted the memberships and they should NOT be automatically taken from your accounts, but Paypal in some instances is allowing a payment to go through even though there is no “charge” coming from our membership site.

Welcome to UU! Home to the UnFuckers Unite Group and the UnFuckIt Discussions. Where UnFuckers come to hang out, share our adventures and work at unfucking the world!

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UU Membership is a screamin' bargain, only $5 one time registration fee

We ask members to make regular donations to help support UnfuckersUnite, UU Business Group, RTS.earth and all of our shows.

Want to make a donation with BTC or another CryptoCurrency? No problem, just send me an email: dani (at) rts (dot) earth

Do you find yourself constantly walking around saying "WTF?!" Do you have permanent "Youhavegottobefuckinkiddingme" wrinkles deeply etched into your forehead? Do you know deep inside that this can't possibly be the reality that you signed up for? Do you find yourself spending a huge amount of time trying to get people to do their own research and think for themselves?

… if so, then you are probably an “UnFucker”!!

Become a member of UnFuckers Unite, and all this can be yours!!

UnFuckIt Discussions

Be a part of our UnFuckIt Discussions & be able to attend all the shows Live, in Zoom

UnFuckers Groups

Be a part of the UnFuckers Unite Group, where the insanity all began.

The Library

We are constructing a Cloud Storage Library- ebooks, documents, files, articles free for UnFuckers to download.

Research & Discussion Forums

UnFuckers are ALWAYS researching- join the gathering of Information & Discussions

UnFuckers Recipes

Whether you're looking for the basics or want a yummy healthy new meal, we have the recipe for you!

Have any Questions or Suggestions? Contact me any time. Questions about the site or membership answered within a day or so. Questions about Life, the Universe and Everything.... 42 hours minimum: dani (at) rts (dot) earth
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we need regular donations from our community to keep RTS.Earth and UU up and running!